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, by Matt Duncan

New Live Events

Essen and Gelsenkirchen are next


April 19, 2014 - Panoptikum (Essen)

Bei unseren Freunden im Panoptikum, zwischen Electrorock und den besten Burgern im Ruhrgebiet, spielen wir mal wieder auf unserer liebsten, kleinsten Bühne der Welt!

Open Art Jam 2014

May 31, 2014 - Skatepark Schalkerverein (Gelsenkirchen)

Jugend und Musik Festival aus Gelsenkirchen für Gelsenkirchen

14.00: Skating Contest
14.30: ToGEther
15.10: Tanzgruppen
15.40: Jacy (Pop/RnB)
16.30: Knuddi und das Flavourtrööt
17.00: Poetry Slam
17.40: Sprechstunde Open Mic
16.30: Siegerehrung Skating Contest
19.00: Haltestelle - Muetze rappt
19.20: Stammbaum Entertainment
20.30: The Astray
21.30: Jarno


, by Matt Duncan

Thief - AF14 Edition

This is how you win a contest

Thief - April Fools/Aprilscherz 14 Edition

Unreleased footage of us winning the contest! The room was shaking!!

Recorded at: Nov. 16, 2013 - 10. Newcomer Festival

, by Matt Duncan

Lost and Forgotten Footage Found

Experience our performance at last years contest

How could we forget about this? When we won the Gelsenkirchener Newcomer Festival last November we had a few cameras rolling to capture the performance.
We're going to hit the editing room now and try to make something out of these videos until tomorrow!

, by Matt Duncan

Instrumental Versions of LETTERS?

We've heard you want them

Link (Loz) - Skin And Lips

Yes, they exist, but not on the internet for now. Since we get asked about those from time to time we are currently thinking about if and how we will provide them, but right now we are very busy recording our new songs.

Please be patient for now and watch the latest video of Kite! He got a secret delivery of Barrier and Palace from us, without vocals ;)

, by Matt Duncan

Thank you for a great year 2013

After a rather long hiatus we did a small tour through the Ruhrgebiet, played new songs and won the local Newcomer-Festival! Radio Essen/Bochum has Thief in rotation for about 5 weeks now and, last but not least, our fan community (that is you!) grew immensely! Therefore we want to specially thank each and every one of you, local and international fans, and hope that you will stay with us in the future!

Our agenda right now is: Studio, Recording, EP and perhaps a bit of bonus material on the side. Afterwards we'll play on all the local stages with our new stuff again!

, by Matt Duncan

Thief and Lives: Live

Lives - Live At Newcomer Rockshow 2013 - Live

This is how it sounds like if one of our keyboards breaks down before the song

Recorded at: Dec. 6, 2013 - Newcomer Rockshow

, by Matt Duncan

Let's get Thief into the Ruhrcharts

We need your vote


After our song Barrier managed to stay in the Ruhrcharts of Radio Essen/Bochum for 4 weeks, we thought we'd try it with our song Thief this time.

Check "The Astray", enter the code and hit "abstimmen".

, by Matt Duncan

We won the Jury Price at this year's Newcomer Contest Gelsenkirchen

Voted NEWCOMER 2013 (Jury Price)

We cannot find proper words to describe how awesome yesterday was! Thanks to everybody involved, the other bands and of course our great audience!

We're most happy about the superb feedback we got from the judges: Never have we ever gotten the feeling that we must be doing something right and that is more important than any other price in the world.

Consequently we'll play at the winner's show on the 6th of December, more info on that later though, we'll take a break for a few days.

, by Matt Duncan

Verlosung zum Newcomer Festival

10. Newcomer Festival

Nov. 16, 2013 - Tossehof (Gelsenkirchen)

Vier Nachwuchsbands aus der Region kämpfen am Samstag, 16.11.2012 im Städtischen Jugendzentrum Tossehof um den Titel “Gelsenkirchener Newcomerband des Jahres”. Die Gruppen. Musikalische Schwerpunkte der Bands sind in diesem Jahr Rock und Alternative.

Das Festival wird veranstaltet vom Gelsenkirchener Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend (BDKJ), der Mobilen Jugendarbeit von Kath. Jugendsozialarbeit und dem Jugendzentrum im Tossehof.


Ihr seid am Samstag beim Gelsenkirchener Newcomer-Festival dabei?
Dann haben wir etwas an euch zu verschenken!

Es gibt wieder genau eine CD zu gewinnen, wenn ihr irgendwo Matt findet (der diesmal hoffentlich auch an seinen Teppich für die Bühne gedacht hat) und ihn mit "Sag mal, ihr macht doch 90er Beat?" ansprecht!

Aber auch wenn die CD schon weg ist, könnt ihr auf gleichem Wege ein paar The Astray Buttons gewinnen!

Die Kärtchen gibt's zum weiterverschenken und für Neuankömmlinge in unserer Fan-Truppe
Erscheint zahlreich und es wird ein riesen Fest!

, by Matt Duncan



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Name your price! Enter 0.00€ to get it for free!